Mountain Area Christian Academy in Morganton, GA believes that the principles and lessons, learned in the classroom, at home, and through the local church, can be put into practice through athletics. A microcosm of society, athletics allows the student to develop and use his or her God–given ability to glorify God. Because the arena of competition is usually surrounded with pressure, the athlete is tested, and the true character revealed. Consequently, the opportunity for character readily presents itself through athletic competition. The athlete is challenged to let the Holy Spirit control and direct his mind and body (I Thessalonians 5:23).

Our philosophy can best be summed up by the phrase "doing our best as we strive for excellence." As Christians, we believe we are commanded by Scripture always to do our best. As believers, we are not to waste the talent God has given us by anything less than total commitment, through participation, and maximum effort. We also believe we should strive to be the best at what we do. Being the best at anything, whether it be a National Merit Scholar or a state champion in basketball, is a worthy and admirable goal of any Christian. Becoming the best may not always be the result of our athletic program; however, doing our best must be!

The life lessons learned through participation in athletic competition are many. Particularly beneficial is the experience of working cooperatively toward a common goal with a team, the values of team work, and the development of the concept of fair play.

While Mountain Area Christian Academy takes great pride in winning, it does not accept “winning at any cost,” and discourages any action, which might negate good sportsmanship. The athletic program is conducted in a manner that best displays proper attitudes towards winning and losing.

When an athlete can come to the point that he/she is not playing for the fans in the stands, parents, or the coach, but for the Lord Jesus Christ, that is winning, regardless of the score.


Mountain Area Christian Academy is a member of the Georgia Christian Athletic Association (GCAA) as a Class A school in region one.


2019-20 Basketball Schedule



  • JV/Varsity Volleyball
  • JV/Varsity Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Soccer


  • JV/Varsity Basketball
  • Baseball


  • Cross-Country Track
  • Golf
  • Tennis


Athletic Handbook

Athletic Eligibility Information

The forms necessary for participation are:


  • Boys Varsity Basketball
    • 2006 - Region One Runner-up
    • 2007 - State Semi-finalist, Region One Runner-up
    • 2013 - Region 1 runner-up, state final four
  • Boys JV Basketball
    • 2007 - Region One Runner-up
    • 2009-2010 - Region I Runner–up, State Runner-up
  • Boys Varsity Cross Country
    • 2013 - State Champions
  • Boys JV Cross Country
    • 2011 - State Runner-up
  • Boys Golf
    • 2007 - State Qualifier
  • Girls Varsity Basketball
    • 2007 - Region One Runner-up
    • 2008-2009 - Region I Champions, State I-A Champions
    • 2009-2010 - Region I Champions, State I-A Champions
  • Girls JV Cross Country
    • 2011 - State Champion, Individual Over-all Champion
  • Girls Volleyball
    • 2009 - Region I Champions, State Runner–up
    • 2013 - Region I Champions
  • Girls JV Volleyball
    • 2011 - Region I Champions, State Runner–up
    • 2012 - GCAA Invitational Champions
    • 2013 - GCAA Invitational Champions
  • GCAA Golf
    • 2013 - Runner Up
  • Varsity Cross Country
    • 2012 - State Runner-up